Leonardo drawing app crack v0.17.66 Full Version

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Leonardo drawing app crack v0.17.66 Full Version

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Leonardo drawing app Crack

Does the world need another painting app?

Today, I’m talking about Leonardo. It is a newish painting app for windows. Got a lot of potentials is doing a lot of things, right. So let’s take a look. Leonardo, like the ninja turtle. No, the app, like the turtle, was named after the painter. Leonardo da Vinci. Good to see you again, Leonardo, buddy. So the real question here is, does the world need another painting app?

I may be biased, but I say. It does. I think what Leonardo does well is that it works well on a tablet. I have an older surface pro; most of the drawing and painting apps I use are optimized with the keyboard. They don’t all like need a keyboard, but there are a lot faster, more streamlined when you’re using one.



And yeah, I know there’s a lot of on-screen shortcut apps. I’ve used those. I like some of them, but there’s something to be said for apps that are rethought from the ground up to be used with touchscreens instead of just like tacking on touch feet. After the fact. And I think that’s why I like Leonardo.



It reminds me a little bit of sketchable; sketchable is a windows app, and it was created from the ground up to be used on Windows tablets. I just like the ability to fully back my keyboard and dive into the drawing experience. Get that out of the way. It’s just nice and fun to use.

And the really nice thing about it is I never had to reach around to like pull my keyboard up. And when I do that, it feels a lot more like drawing and having fun and less like work.

What Leonardo App look like?

So if I were going to describe Leonardo in a nutshell, I’d say it falls somewhere in between sketchable and say your traditional desktop app at first glance; it looks and feels more like the traditional desktop apps that you’re used to got your tools on the sidebar.

And then you have your options along the top end. If you’re using this with a traditional setup with a keyboard and a walk home type tablet, it probably doesn’t feel all that new or interesting. But if you’re using something like Photoshop or clip studio on your tablet, PC, and then you switch over to this, you’re going to notice the difference right away, little things like brush resizing.

Brush Size:

It’s just a matter of tapping and sliding back and forth on an icon to make your brush bigger or smaller instead of tapping out a little area and then manually entering the size of the brush you need or hitting the brush size down keyboard shortcut 47 times.

Auto Smoothing:

Also, the brushes have Auto Smoothing. Built right in, in fact, as I was watching the tutorial videos, the developer specifically said that he added line smoothing in because it works better with end trade pens.

How refreshing is that? To see a developer actually understands the technology that’s coming out right now that he is developing for there’s some other cool stuff in here too.

Line Tool:

The line tool lets draw straight lines without using a shift. Key could also jump in there, set it to any angle you want to draw it.


There’s a little ruler tool in here too. So if you want lines that are about the same length you’ve got that, there’s even a built-in perspective guide.

isometric tool:

I love this little isometric tool; even though I didn’t need the keyboard shortcuts, the app does include a little onscreen keyboard shortcut thing for your convenience.

Features of Leonardo

  • Blazing speed
  • Draw various lines and shapes
  • Infinite canvas
  • A powerful brush engine
  • Works great with all PC-tablets
  • Built for the world